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Public Image Ltd. - The Factory, Manchester, 18th June 1979.

Since I began posting my collection of vintage PIL live recordings on here, there have been some recent developments in the story of Johnny. By now it should be common knowledge (unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months) that Mr. Lydon has resuscitated a version of Public Image Limited (sans Levene & Wobble, naturally) and is about to embark upon a jaunt around the UK. So far a barrage of media attention seems to attest that he’s doing it for all the right reasons and a recent glimpse of rehearsals for the tour on the BBC’s “Culture Show” looked and sounded, well, promising. So, to celebrate the fact that I am travelling up to Manchester next week to see for myself, travesty or not, here’s the final instalment from the archive.
On the 18th of June 1979, the band were in Manchester to appear on the Tony Wilson presented “Granada Reports” tv programme. Announcing to Wilson that they wanted to play a show that very evening, arrangements were duly made, news was sent word of mouth around the city and by 10pm PIL were onstage at the Factory Russell Club. ‘Death Disco’, a stunning version of ‘Memories’ (a personal favourite of mine), 'No Birds Do Sing' and 'Albatross' all received their live premiere at this concert, which was drummer Richard Dudanski’s first appearance with the band. The show has a loose rehearsal feel, with John forgetting the lyrics during ‘No Birds’, various comic asides from Wobble and Levene and sound quality is pretty damn good (soundboard, apparently). "We admit our mistakes, we know we have many”....... Remember them this way.

Chant / Swan Lake (aka Death Disco) / Memories / Public Image / Annalisa / No Birds Do Sing / Albatross

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Cocteau Twins - Selected Live Recordings 1983

Cocteau Twins seemed to emerge from the post-punk hinterlands already a fully-formed phenomenon in 1982. Followers of the Birthday Party, they were picked up by 4AD after sending out only two demo tapes - one to John Peel and one to (4AD supremo) Ivo Watts-Russell. Seemingly it was THAT easy in those days. It also helped that they were making a noise that was totally unlike anything else on earth at the time (and still is now, by the way). They were also alarmingly young. These two live recordings date from early 1983: the first (recorded for Dutch television) is from Amsterdam on the 29th January. It’s the better quality of the two, although both are pretty good.

The second recording, from Newcastle City Hall on the 29th April captures them at their early other-worldly peak. It's interesting to consider how they might have progressed had bassist Will Heggie stayed in the band - this concert was part of a huge European tour they undertook supporting O.M.D which was Heggie's swansong - the band fell apart a few weeks later in Germany and the twins became ahem, two, before re-emerging with 'Head Over Heels' et al later in 1983. However this initial era of the band has something thrilling and visceral that they gradually seemed to lose later on.

Amsterdam, Meervant, 29/1/1983:

Alas Dies Laughing/Dear Heart/Feathers Oar-Blades/Hazel/Shallow Then Halo/Blind Dumb Deaf/Wax and Wane/It’s All But An Ark Lark

Newcastle City Hall, 29/4/1983:

Hearsay Please/Garlands/Alas Dies Laughing/Dear Heart/Feathers Oar-Blades/Hazel/Shallow Then Halo/Blind Dumb Deaf/Peppermint Pig/Wax and Wane/It's All But An Ark Lark

With Gordon Sharp of Cindytalk on additional vocals, late 1982.

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In praise of.....Viva

The first in an ongoing series.

Viva and Taylor Mead in Warhol's "Lonesome Cowboys", 1967.

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In a Hole #2

My final Mary Chain post for the time being. This time another early live review, in this instance
from the January 1985 issue of ZigZag magazine.

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The Jesus And Mary Chain - I.C.A, London, 29th December 1984

This more than acceptable quality live recording captures the band (including the recently recruited Bobby Gillespie) in all their nascent noise terrorist, riot inciting glory. Amongst the maelstrom you just may be able to recognise rare inebriated readings of "Vegetable Man" (or "Vegetable fucking Man" as Jim so delicately styles it) and Subway Sect's "Ambition" (as well as their early cause célèbre, "Jesus Fuck"). Putting aside the inevitable Velvets references for the time being - this 20-odd minute blitzkrieg is closer in spirit to early P.I.L or TG. Sadly, it's hard to imagine a young band being allowed to get away with such a spectacular public display of casual belligerence and apparent ineptitude nowadays. Hear it here.
A multitude of thanks go to Down With Tractors for posting this in the first place. Read his excellent first hand account of the gig here.

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In a Hole

The first in a series of early Mary Chain related posts. Infamous 'new Sex Pistols' live review from the NME. But just who is the blonde fellow on the right? I've no idea....

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The Photomontages of Seán Hillen

Evidence Of Controlled Demolition at The Rose Garden, Tralee, Co. Kerry, 2007-8

Newry Gagarin #7, 1992

The Executioners, 1989

Sr. Faustina Appears in LondoNewry, Miraculously Preventing the Illegal Photography of Members Of The Security Forces, 1993

Four Ideas For a New Town #3, 1987

Four Ideas For a New Town #1, 1982

More of this man's astounding work can be viewed here

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Subway Sect - "We Oppose All Rock & Roll" 1976 -1980

Released by Overground Records in 1996, this includes some of the songs recorded for the unreleased (and supposedly Bernie Rhodes stymied) debut album along with various single A and B sides from from sundry later incarnations of the group. The similarly unavailable compilation "20 Odd Years" probably provides a wider overview of Vic's idiosyncratic journey from monochrome art punk to supper club crooner (and back again) so it's just possible that I may post that at a later date as well. Around half of these songs were re-recorded for the "1978 Now" album that came out a couple of years back and whilst those versions are all fine and dandy, it's the ragged manic intensity of these originals that I find rather compelling.

Vic Godard (or is it Anthony Newley?) taken from the January 1982 issue of The Face.

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Pop Crimes

New material from this gentleman can be found here
and rather fine it is too. I'm hooked already. One track is a bittersweet velveteen duet with Jonnine Standish of HTRK. I await the album with bated breath....

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Public Image Ltd. - Selected Live Recordings 1980

19th April 1980: Palladium, New York City, USA.

Intro Jam(Fodderstompf)/Careering/Annalisa/Attack/Low Life/Death Disco/Memories/Public Image

4th May 1980: Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, USA.

Intro Jam(Fodderstompf)/Careering/Attack/Low Life/Chant/Death Disco/Poptones/Religion/Bad Baby/Public Image/Memories(Incomplete)/Home Is Where The Heart Is

Also included are alternate source recordings of Fodderstompf and Death Disco for a difference in hall ambience. The 8 minutes plus version of the rarely played "Home Is Where The Heart Is" is a thing of great beauty. The Raincoats supported at this show - I'd be intrigued to hear what they sounded like in this (I'm assuming) cavernous hall - there must be recordings!

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Public Image Ltd. - Selected Live Recordings 1978

20th December 1978 : Theatre 140, Brussels, Belgium.

Soundchecking/More soundchecking/Theme/Belsen Was A Gas/Low Life/Religion/Attack(False start)/Attack/The Cowboy Song 1/The Cowboy Song 2/Public Image

The band's first live performance.

26th December 1978 : Rainbow Theatre, London, England.

Theme/Low Life/Belsen Was A Gas/Annalisa/Public Image /Religion/Attack/Public Image

Apparently a slightly more sedate affair compared to the tense, violent atmosphere of the previous night.

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Voice moaning in a speaker

Words cannot express......

Moondrops and Roses

Meet me on Thursday everything will be just fine.

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Drive to the forest in Japanese car.....

Something to listen to whilst the rain pours.