Monday, 31 August 2009

The Jesus And Mary Chain - I.C.A, London, 29th December 1984

This more than acceptable quality live recording captures the band (including the recently recruited Bobby Gillespie) in all their nascent noise terrorist, riot inciting glory. Amongst the maelstrom you just may be able to recognise rare inebriated readings of "Vegetable Man" (or "Vegetable fucking Man" as Jim so delicately styles it) and Subway Sect's "Ambition" (as well as their early cause célèbre, "Jesus Fuck"). Putting aside the inevitable Velvets references for the time being - this 20-odd minute blitzkrieg is closer in spirit to early P.I.L or TG. Sadly, it's hard to imagine a young band being allowed to get away with such a spectacular public display of casual belligerence and apparent ineptitude nowadays. Hear it here.
A multitude of thanks go to Down With Tractors for posting this in the first place. Read his excellent first hand account of the gig here.


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