Monday, 10 August 2009

Public Image Ltd. - Selected Live Recordings 1980

19th April 1980: Palladium, New York City, USA.

Intro Jam(Fodderstompf)/Careering/Annalisa/Attack/Low Life/Death Disco/Memories/Public Image

4th May 1980: Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, USA.

Intro Jam(Fodderstompf)/Careering/Attack/Low Life/Chant/Death Disco/Poptones/Religion/Bad Baby/Public Image/Memories(Incomplete)/Home Is Where The Heart Is

Also included are alternate source recordings of Fodderstompf and Death Disco for a difference in hall ambience. The 8 minutes plus version of the rarely played "Home Is Where The Heart Is" is a thing of great beauty. The Raincoats supported at this show - I'd be intrigued to hear what they sounded like in this (I'm assuming) cavernous hall - there must be recordings!

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