Monday, 17 August 2009

Subway Sect - "We Oppose All Rock & Roll" 1976 -1980

Released by Overground Records in 1996, this includes some of the songs recorded for the unreleased (and supposedly Bernie Rhodes stymied) debut album along with various single A and B sides from from sundry later incarnations of the group. The similarly unavailable compilation "20 Odd Years" probably provides a wider overview of Vic's idiosyncratic journey from monochrome art punk to supper club crooner (and back again) so it's just possible that I may post that at a later date as well. Around half of these songs were re-recorded for the "1978 Now" album that came out a couple of years back and whilst those versions are all fine and dandy, it's the ragged manic intensity of these originals that I find rather compelling.

Vic Godard (or is it Anthony Newley?) taken from the January 1982 issue of The Face.


  1. Yes, please post "20 Odd Years"! Many thanks also for your perceptive commentary and aesthetic POV. Yours is an exceptional effort...

  2. Why, thank you, sir! '20 Odd Years' is coming soon, I promise.