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Public Image Ltd. - The Factory, Manchester, 18th June 1979.

Since I began posting my collection of vintage PIL live recordings on here, there have been some recent developments in the story of Johnny. By now it should be common knowledge (unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months) that Mr. Lydon has resuscitated a version of Public Image Limited (sans Levene & Wobble, naturally) and is about to embark upon a jaunt around the UK. So far a barrage of media attention seems to attest that he’s doing it for all the right reasons and a recent glimpse of rehearsals for the tour on the BBC’s “Culture Show” looked and sounded, well, promising. So, to celebrate the fact that I am travelling up to Manchester next week to see for myself, travesty or not, here’s the final instalment from the archive.
On the 18th of June 1979, the band were in Manchester to appear on the Tony Wilson presented “Granada Reports” tv programme. Announcing to Wilson that they wanted to play a show that very evening, arrangements were duly made, news was sent word of mouth around the city and by 10pm PIL were onstage at the Factory Russell Club. ‘Death Disco’, a stunning version of ‘Memories’ (a personal favourite of mine), 'No Birds Do Sing' and 'Albatross' all received their live premiere at this concert, which was drummer Richard Dudanski’s first appearance with the band. The show has a loose rehearsal feel, with John forgetting the lyrics during ‘No Birds’, various comic asides from Wobble and Levene and sound quality is pretty damn good (soundboard, apparently). "We admit our mistakes, we know we have many”....... Remember them this way.

Chant / Swan Lake (aka Death Disco) / Memories / Public Image / Annalisa / No Birds Do Sing / Albatross