Thursday, 18 March 2010

The Moodists - "Two Fisted Art"

Time to post some more music, I think. However, at the moment I can't particularly be bothered to write some expansive blurb about, for instance, how great The Moodists are...This is the essential two disc compilation that appeared in Australia around 2003 (and, as far as I know the only Moodists CD that has ever been available). It's pretty much out of print now and currently goes for silly money on Amazon. Everybody needs The Moodists in their life.

Disc One (Studio)
Disc Two (Live)


  1. NIce! Now how about sorting out that Red Carpet 12" too...

    The Creation 12" is here btw: plays hard to get so keep trying!

  2. "Take The Red Carpet Out Of Town" will be one of the first records in the queue when I eventually sort out a better way of ripping vinyl....soon hopefully.

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