Sunday, 27 June 2010

Quint – “Time Wounds All Heals”

The short lived Quint were Sally Young’s project after spending 10-12 years as singer/multi instrumentalist with trailblazing female No-Wave trio Ut (a band whose multi-faceted sound still remains frighteningly ahead of its time in my opinion).

Based in London in the mid – late 1990’s, Quint were a slightly more melodic and accessible proposition marrying Ms. Young’s bittersweet noir-ish vocal phrasings with a sound vaguely suggesting an early Tindersticks backing PJ Harvey (whilst still exploring atmospheres that Ut hinted at on their later material). Featured on second guitar and trumpet is Ian R. Watson, a member of both Gallon Drunk (briefly) and Terry Edwards’ Scapegoats. In equal parts broodingly atmospheric, hauntingly wistful and jaggedly jarring, this album was sadly Quint’s final statement and is something of a (very) forgotten classic. The band also issued a single “Blueprint to a Blackout”. A very old page on the band can be found here, and an incredibly informative interview with all three members of Ut can be found here.


Coincidentally, another ex- Ut member, Jacqui Ham will be appearing with her current project Dial at the Luminaire in London on Thursday 1st July.

N.B: If anyone happens to be visiting this post looking for Quint's excellent debut 7", "Blueprint To A Blackout", I recently discovered that it is still available to order from Southern Records here


  1. Bless you, sir...

    Still hoping you'll find a few spare moments to share the Subway Sect "20 Years" compilation with us. (Hate to be a pest, but I can't find the bloody thing anywhere. It fell into deletion so quickly after its release that it eluded me utterly. Sigh...)



  2. Many thanks, sir. Rest assured, "20 Odd Years" will be the very NEXT thing that I post! It had totally slipped my mind, for which I apologize.

  3. Thanks for the link to Warped Reality. Glad you enjoyed the interview. Did you end up seeing the Ut reunion at that Luminaire gig? —Andrea, Warped Reality

  4. I did indeed, they were amazing. I'm glad to hear that they've decided to continue playing together - I've heard they have a show lined up in New York for November. By the way, I enjoyed your insightful and illuminating recent post on Permanent Vacation - one of my favourite films along with Stranger Than Paradise.