Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Party's Over

"Me, I'm just a dead fly in the soup at the tycoon's banquet"

I've long been an admirer of Oliver Reed's early roles, and over the past year I've been catching up with some of the films that have previously eluded me. "The Party's Over" is one of his most memorable.
Filmed in 1962, though not released in the UK until 1965 because of censorship problems (due to its necrophiliac scenes), it's a bit like a "Beat Girl" from the wrong side of the tracks...see also "These Are The Damned" (directed by Joseph Losey 1961, with Shirley Anne Field), the Hammer film "Paranoiac"(1963) and the Michael Winner directed "The System" (1964).

In the U.S "The System" was retitled "The Girl Getters". Just to make things obvious.....

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  1. In total agreement. Early Reed, peerless.