Saturday, 30 July 2011

The Gun Club - "The Birth, The Death, The Ghost"

A lo-fi live album (seemingly recorded on a cassette recorder) that captures what was effectively the second line up of the Gun Club that existed briefly from June - November 1980. Jeffrey Lee Pierce is joined by Brian Tristan (before he became Kid Congo Powers and departed to join The Cramps) along with Rob Ritter and Terry Graham, formerly of The Bags (another Bags member, Patricia Morrison would, of course, go on to play her own part in the band's turbulent history a few years later, alongside a returning Congo Powers). Recorded exclusively in various Los Angeles dives during Summer 1980, this is a somewhat essential document of the band in its infancy featuring roughshod versions of songs that would eventually grace the debut "Fire Of Love" album a full year later as well as more obscure fare like "Bo Diddley Is A Gunslinger" and "Field Holler".


An excellent Gun Club chronology can be found here.