Thursday, 25 August 2011

These Immortal Souls - Live, Köln Rose Club, 7th February 1988.

If I were ever forced to do anything as dreadfully banal as being asked to name my "top ten" favourite artistes, then These Immortal Souls would almost definitely figure in the top five. I once described their debut record as "a Brechtian shattered glass soundtrack to stars reflected in gutters and scarlet nights of wine and roses. Ethereal noir cabaret". I'll still stand by that, and I'm eternally glad that I managed to see them perform on two occasions....but enough of that.

If I remember correctly, I acquired this cassette from a stall in Camden market at some point in the early 90's. Sound quality is a little less than pristine, but this is a fine document of the band on (correct me if I'm wrong) their first headline European tour in early 1988. "Swing For The Crime" is a cover of The Saints' song. Sadly the cassette runs out just as "One In Shadow" staggers to it's tumultuous conclusion but as I haven't seen this particular show available elsewhere, I thought it was worth a post. Many more rare R.S.H related recordings are available on the excellent Kakophonia site. Sleep well, Rowland.

Rose Club, Köln, Germany 7/2/1988: Marry Me (Lie! Lie!)/These Immortal Souls/Hey! Little Child/Blood And Sand (She Said)/Swing For The Crime/I Ate The Knife/Hide/One In Shadow, One In Sun (Incomplete)


  1. The photograph at the bottom looks like it might've been taken in a back yard in Sneinton c.1962 - brilliant!

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