Monday, 3 October 2011

Felt - Camden Black Horse, 23rd April 1987.

Felt played this secret warm-up gig as The Scarlet Servants prior to their performance the following evening at London's Kings College. It's particularly interesting to hear the earlier Cherry Red era material such as "Mexican Bandits" and "The Stagnant Pool" played by the mid period Hammond organ augmented line-up of the band. Many, many thanks go to Rui and all the kind people at the Felt forum for sharing this initially.

Camden Black Horse, 23rd April 1987:
Mexican Bandits/Sunlight Bathed The Golden Glow/I Didn't Mean To Hurt You/Fortune/When The Dawn Starts Creeping In/All The People I Like Are Those That Are Dead/Ballad Of The Band/The Stagnant Pool

The above photograph came with initial copies of the "Goldmine Trash" compilation in 1987.